Send Push Notification From App using OneSignal API without Extension

@gopi Congratulations !!!

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thanks you really working.

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Thank you for your commitment.
But I wonder here, why do I need an external host?
Couldn’t I just use the OneSignal API directly?
Or did I not understand the proposal for this extension?


This guide was old one , and many updates push notifications made after that. Directly you can send now push notifications now. But this one was really helpful on that time.


It’s not a extension it’s a guide.

To automate the process( as I understood ), here instead of going to their website you can do it form the app. Which is beneficial sometimes.

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With this script placed on the host, you create a screen-app on Kodular to send notifications instead of having to use the site, use your app.


working but not all time

Why does it shows any error?
Explain it more breafly

I am having the same error

[image]Screenshot by Lightshot

@empreendedorismo You incorrectly defined APP_ID and API_KEY
it should be defined like this Send Push Notification From App using OneSignal API without Extension - #14 by gopi

Observe the error messages.
What did she tell you?
Did you try anything to avoid the messages? Checked the content of the variables,?

Did You try put “?” Before heading parameter ?
Url www.

( Resolved with this suggestion in the private message.)

Please help me.
I’ve made it but there is a message like this.
I’ve created 2 users as an experiment.

this method works great … but how to add more than one App ID and Rest Key just to creat a universal Onesignal App Sender? …

actually I need to add the APP ID and Rest Key in the app it self … and not to create a sendpush file for every app

did you solve this issue, I need a solution for this

same issue

Wow thanks alot for the guide… but how to send notif to spesific user?

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Great job! thanx @gopi

I honestly don’t understand why @kodular doesn’t fix this problem at once. I think the community is doing much more than @kodularStaff.


Am not able to download the php fills

not working for me.not even show any error msg