Send the data in different table of the google sheet according to the choice of the tab

Hello community, I come to ask for help. I have developed an application that sends data to my google sheet. I would now like if I choose the option: “DATA1” for example, that the application can send the data to a specific tab of my sheet.

I have 4 tabs which are the names of the university faculties. DATA1, DATA2, DATA3, DATA4. When in my application I choose the DATA1 (in my ais file you will realize that it is CIA instead of DATA), the data is automatically placed in the DATA1 tab, and so on.

Here is my screen. the logic should be: If DATA1 is selected, my data is sent to the DATA1 sheet.

idea_innoUPN_Screen3.ais (150.8 KB)

otherwise my script so far is in the CIA sheet, if I need to copy it to CIA1, CIA2 I would. maybe you’ll get a soltion that won’t ask me to copy the scripts, but if i have to for your help, i will.

please, Help me

so in such case why dont you use script method, in which easily you can switch over the sheet name to redirect the posting of messages…

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