Sending a push in the newspaper

I created a news app, and I want to send a push whenever I insert a news, can someone help me?

Which database you are using?

I’m using FIREBASE

Are you sending data from admin app to user app ?

Exactly, I am using this path.

When you are creating data from admin app you can use there onesignal send notification block. You can find it on onesignal component

Use one signal Because your app will receive notification even if it not used.

Send me a print of the kodular where I find this signal.

Just make a project for your app on one signal and get you app key and add that key here in project setting if you don’t know how to do this all then reply I will make a tutorial ok

With Onesignal I have to type what I want on the website and then it will be sent to users who have the APP, right?
But I want to send it right after the news is recorded in firebase directly from the admin APP.

Wait there is an option to Send automatic after you post news but first tell every time the message will different or same

Okay, but how do I solve this problem?