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Ok, so I personally messaged this issue to couple of respected community member before but I guess it went unread or unnoticed, as I didn’t get any reply.

So, I am copy-pasting below, the same message which I sent 2-3 days before, to some respected community members.(but didn’t received any reply)

I have to invite couple of my friends to this Makeroid platform but I don’t see any invitation option(or a way to send invitation) on my user page in-spite of having trust level as Member.
Will you please look into this matter asap and tell me what is wrong or where i am wrong?
I am attaching a screenshot of my user page below. Please have a look at it.

Also here :point_down: is the screenshot of the member badge that was granted to me 7days ago

Waiting for your positive reply. Thank you.

This time I expect some reply.
So please do reply.

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I dont think you can send invite to friends for them to join Makeroid if that is what you want, but it sais you can invite other users into topics/posts as å trusted member. Og am I wrong? :thinking:

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Hello @Choofa
First of all Thank you for your reply. It confirms that my post is visible to other members (saying this because, my previously created topic, on other subject, just went under the heap of other topics with no reply :slightly_frowning_face: )

And for this :point_down:

Then why it is saying that,

You can now send invitation from your user page

(line taken from the description of Member badge)

So as you can see from the screen-shots, there is no option for Sending Invites on my user page, but there should be one according to the description of Member badge.

Also as per my understanding, sending invites from User Page would be inviting other people to join the community (at-least this is true for other communities)

Anyways waiting for other members to reply and Thanks once again for your reply.
Let’s see what they want to say.

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First of all, sorry for the confusion it caused you

You are completely right. After you reach Member you should be able to invite users
However, as we’ve enabled SSO which provides our own custom login system, that means users have to signup using Makeroid Account. That setting overrides sending user invitations from community

Sorry :pray:
I’ll remove “sending invitations” string from the badge as soon as possible to avoid future confusions


Thank you for the reply @Diego

This :point_up_2: means we will not be able to invite people on this community anymore? :open_mouth:

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Nope, sorry
You will have to send them the community link and tell them to manually signup

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Ok, Thank you :slight_smile:

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