Server error could not save one or more files try again

You either have the same issue as in post 25 or that your project is broken…

Provide more information about your app

Btw, no point creating identical tread


That’s my .aia file of my app. When I export it, then it says, server error one or more files…:"(
please help me, How can I solve it?

Same goes for you to

By removing all the content from bunch of labels, your project started to save and build…


okh thanks a lot, so now what should I do?

Rethink your design. If you want to display a large amount of text use a webviewer.

I was exposed to this problem, and this was the solution
Text Properties length :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t understand if I remove text then how I will show stories in my app

Take a look at the two post above…

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i created this app for testing
this app is not building to apk
ghjgyh.aia (41.5 KB)

And it will not do so with so many foreign characters

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I have a post somewhere on community where I compared foreign characters vs latin characters, e.g 500.000 foreign characters ends up with 2.500.000 characters that server can understand as it has to decode all those characters to understandable code…

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Ok now I understand.
Thanks. So there is no solution for this

Only solution is to store it in files and read it from assets

In that process file component needs to allow storage permission.
But I don’t think it needs to read TXT files from assets.
Does there be any other ways to read TXT files without storage permission.

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becomes this


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@Boban, can we know what is the text limit?

Can’t be sure, but if we look at this test

it manage to build with 910.000 latin characters but not with 233.000 foreign characters which endsup with 1.100.000+ characters

What language?