SERVER ERROR, file could not be loaded

hello dear community. i have a problem opening my project. when I open it I get a message “server error, file could not be loaded”. this has been the case for 2 days now and i am desperate. Can someone help me please?

Can you tell something about your project? Size of assets, etc. Did you make a backup?

the assests are about 5 mb, 4 images and 2 fonts. but the app has many blocks. so far i could still open the app without problems and then suddenly not anymore. I like to send my aia (1.4 MB)

umm… show ur blocks pls

Maybe the problem is caused by too many components ? Do you really need 300 list view text and image components ?


I think you have to rethink your design. I was able to load your project but got a error when trying to switch to the screen where you have the many many blocks.

Having a bky of 19,6 MB is really really big i guess.


Can you explain what you want to make and why you need so many blocks to make it work.

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That’s embarrassing. Forgot about Unchive :grin:


Looking at your blocks of your biggest screen i can see they all do the same with small differences. So rethink your design.

sorry for the private message, somehow i can’t answer your contribution

the app is supposed to record my book collection. each “listview & picture” component is for one book. There are a total of around 800 books, that is 800 times the listwiev component and also the many blocks. or do you have a better idea to work with fewer blocks? I’m still a beginner and don’t know all the tricks and shortcuts yet​:grin:

This would never have worked in the end as you weren’t even finished with the first 100 and you had approximately 7000 blocks…

Luckily there are users which can improve your chances to succeed with your project…

Try this one LTBSammlung.apk (8.3 MB)

P.S. I have only made with 10 books and your big screen has now 180 blocks only, if you want it then you will need to fill this xlsx file with the rest of your books. LTBSammlung.xlsx (8.4 KB) . then I will share the aia…

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wow, that’s great! I would be very grateful if you would share the aia with me. I am very interested in how you solved the problem

You got PM…

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