Server error, please help me^^

My computer’s RAM is 16GB. Server errors occur frequently. I do not like exporting too much. This is South Korea. You are creating a Bible app that attaches an aia file. Please help (642.2 KB)

What error do you get? Don’t expect other users to download and install your aia. Show the blocks you use and tell about your assets. Read this topic.

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You can even have 1 TB of RAM, the server can go through errors sometimes. [I am NOT creating a Bible app, also you attached the AIA, not your app.] A possible way to increase perfornance is donating Kodular…

This kind of code won’t work well in the long run

You have 7000+ blocks on one screen and the only thing it contains is If Then If Then If Then

To many of this can cause server not to build If Then If Then If Then, nor do I know what the limit of blocks is



Thank you very much. Is there a workaround?

you can use ElseIf or something with better logic.

Hard to say what can be done with this aia now, It’s too far gone with improper approach

Instead of using 100+ List_View components that you show and hide, you could have used only 1 List_View component and changed the information accordingly to your liking



Thank you very much. I’m sorry, but I would like a block coded one. I wish for God’s blessing ~ ^ ^