Set brightness for a table lamp

So i just created a simple torch, i want something more.
I’m trying to create a simple table lamp, where the screen stays on and you can adjust the brightness in the application (maybe change also the screen colour, to make light more soft).
Now i have some problems, i’m trying to use the “tifaiunsettings” extension free version, where i can just have the brightness value. So i try two different methods, but non of them was working, even with the apk compiled. I think i understand some of the problems but not all of them, like how can i ask the permission to change the settings? and how can i take a value from them and change it? as you can see i was trying assign that value to a global variable and then change the variable, but as i tought isn’t the right method.


Send me your aia file i will check and try to fix that,

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May be the block you are using to ask permission is wrong. & Slider is not working because there is a bug so don’t use that before update… @luca_deste95

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to set the brightness, you will need the paid version of the settings exension

also you might want to use Do it to find out yourself, why that block does not make sense here
see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
and rather than assigning values in the declaration of a global variable let me recommend to do this in procedures or events, for example the Screen.Initialize event


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Thanks for your reply! If something doesn’t make sense is cause I just start from a few weeks and I don’t have so much time to learn, so sometimes I try things just to understand more or less how they work :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I delete my file every time (just in case of small apps, obv) :joy: I hate to see when something goes wrong, I usually save Screenshots to understand where the mistake is

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