Set Button visibile to false does not work

I in the blocks I put that MODIFICA visible to fake but then when I click MODIFICA

it appears to me a thing all attached as it never is so, I also made compile to try it in my phone but it remains the same as I solve it ?. (look at the pictures)

I wonder how you can Click on an invisible button! :thinking:

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As you are using image on button, uncheck this in button properties


You got the problem?! @Boban

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The [:heavy_check_mark: ] Enabled one?

Sorry didn’t get this, what do you mean by it.


How he can click on an invisible button?! Is he trying to say something else?

No it is not invisible

is enabled

Yes, button is still visible even tho it supposed to be false after clicking the button


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Did you do what i said


sorry I have practically not what you said, do I have to put the image at any one and then put it back again?



OK the fact now I try to test it

but you are a magician I have just solved it but now explain to me what the problem was?


Thank you very much

If you problem has solved then close this topic.


How i do it man??

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