Set value to empty list and create list

I need help related to this image actually I want to create a list of get start value in dynamic card view and image please please help me out what’s wrong in this blocks.

What you want to do?
Please, Elaborate some more information with us?
I think i can find a right solution after you share some more information.

Show us how you are sending the values.

Also check the path in dynamic label, you have selected whole global path, but there you have to use individual image path

select list item list (get global save list)

index (number), 

I hope if I am correct

actually i want to create my own index use like how Instagram have a account page where we can se our uploaded images to see what images we uploaded onto Instagram like that in want

just like this.

Everything is ok, but tell us what is present in the get value , depending upon the value only we can tell you the error ,if found

Suppose if it is images, then your path only problem . You have to adjust it as I said

yes I have to send image and video too so what should I do what kind of changes I do in this blocks

I believe that now you are sending only images. If so remove this block as saI’d

Use select list item list block as said in the prev post (ref post no.2)

and what did i add on on select list item list block

Thanks for help it shows the value but i wat to save that value and add more value on dynamic card view and image so how did i do that

In the previous screen you add it in list. Automatically will come/ display in this dynamic label as well as creat card also saves in tinyDB

I want to add more value on it in list on dynamic card view and image and when screen initialize got all value which we added previously

exactly what did i do

yes… continue to add in the previous screen. But if you are adding video mean, in this screen you have to separate as image list and video list, then as per the length of the image list you have to create dynamic label.

If you do the above process without separating images and videos mean surely your label will not work

This text will be highlighted

You can see the value which I added

so you are sending only url and not images…

Can you explain me by using blocks actually I am got some confusion

Accutally that I send image URL