Setting up AdMob

I would like to use AdMob, but it requires the account holder to be at least 18 years of age. Not having the option to generate any revenue from my free apps for four long years is pretty bad. How do I get things up and running? Sure I could link AdMob to my parents’ Gmail, but my Google Developer Account is my own Gmail, which has my real age. So what do I do?

Maybe your parents could a developers account also and you post apps under their account.

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That option is strictly ruled out. I’d prefer not generating revenue than publishing apps under their gmail… Plus there’s the additional $25.

There’s no problem in doing that. Google itself recommends to do that

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So will I be able to publish apps through my account and show ADs from their accounts?


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Thanks a lot, @pavi2410

Off-Topic: I can’t add Indian country flag to my profile it seems… Why?

Scroll down and there you will find the National Flag drop-down

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I’ve looked, the list ends at g. i isn’t there.


Yes it used to also have a Turkish (tr_TR) flag but it ends at g. I have already set it so I have it.

Maybe with a Community Update it got deleted.

The India Flag Asset exist here:

There is a problem with the list. The flag is there.

How To Add Admob App Id In Makroid App.Can Anyone Hep Me Please

Open a new thread.

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I don’t undrstand what you say

You’ll change your age in account settings

I’d rather keep legit data. :slight_smile: