Shadow Puzzle - Learning Game for Kids V 1.0

App Name : Shadow Puzzle

Description : Its a simple puzzle game for small kids. Learn numbers, alphabets or more by playing puzzles in Shadow Puzzle.

Features :

• Up to 8 Categories
• Multiple Themes
• Unlimited Puzzles
• Play & Unlock More Categories

Screenshots :

Special Thanks To :

  • Kodular (Creator)
  • Ken (Drag and Drop Extension)
  • :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

    Version Log :
    Not Available

    Please help me to improve this game by sending your precious feedback.

    Downloads :

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    it looks amazing and ui is also impressive keep it up @Android_Stuff




    You win my :heartbeat: . Amazing ui

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    Thank you @AryanGupta

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    Amazing Ui. Keep it up.

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    Thank you so much @App

    Nice work and Creation @Android_Stuff We are proud of you.

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    Thanks for appreciation .
    It means a lot for me.

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    We are here for motivate our users and make them feel good to make a precious kind of a apps.
    I said once again Nice App.


    I wonder how you make such beautiful UI.Congrats buddy @Android_Stuff


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    Nice puzzle! But encountered some bugs though :point_down:

    1. My media volume is full. Inspite of that whenever I toggle the game sounds button or the provided volume button, an alert of ‘Please Increase Volume’ appears. Why is it so?

    2. For the stages that are locked, if I click on The lock icon couple of times, the dialogue related to not enough flakes appears. After dismissing the dialogue, we are not able to click any where(a black layer appears on the screen). Recording :point_down:

    Just for notifying player to keep the vlume increased so, that they would be able to listen the sound effects of the game.

    May be its a fault from the extension which i used for showing custom dialogs. It only occurs after clicking multiple times on the unlock button.
    I will try to fix this as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    There is no need of this I think… As if the user wants he/she increase or decrease the volume according their own preference.
    You are just giving them option to enable/disable the game-sounds/volume. So there is no alert required.

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    Thanks @Vaibhav for your suggestions. I will definitely do it in my next update.
    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    It would be good to display 1000 instead of 1.00K here :point_down:

    Just a suggestion though :sweat_smile:


    First of all, I think this is a wonderful use of the DragAndDrop Extension and the UI looks beautiful!

    I do have a few observations/suggestions though:

    I noticed some Clipping of some the images when the animations are enlarging/reducing the size of the image:

    The app locked up on the Loading Ads screen 1 time(Note: I never saw any ads.):

    After reaching the Well Done milestone, if I press the refresh/reload button it says Well Done everytime.

    When dragging the images I cannot see them because my finger blocks the view of the entire image.
    Perhaps this won’t be the case with a child’s tiny finger but if the images were a little larger while dragging it might look better visually:

    I think the
    “Unlock at 2500*” should say something like “Use 2500* to unlock?”
    And we should know how many * we have on this screen: