Share Counter for Whatsapp Message

is it possible to count message shared on whatsapp with kodular app. please suggest if anyone have logic for this.

Expected Behavior :
When User Share Message on whatsapp - app count number of times message shared on whatsapp.

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Yes it is possible…
Use firebase db…
Get value for message 1st
When got value add it to global variable…
When user shares add 1 to global variable and store new global variable value

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On thing to beware of is in order to do it as John said, you need to use activity starter to send the message, and not the media share component, because that is the only way to actually know what app was used to share.

This might be a help


Watch this video method for WhatsApp Activity Starter sharing concept :-

and follow this method with the video

Which is posted by @OfficialDjJohn
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