Share your gps position

What is the name of your app? position partagée

Describe your app:this application allows to:

  • locate yourself on a map
  • get the address of our gps position
  • share my address and my gps position by sms
  • send a pre-recorded distress message to 2 stored contacts by pressing a distress button
  • to photograph and register my driver’s license, my insurance, my vehicle registration document.


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)POSITION_PARTAGEE_en_cas_erreure_copie.aia (685.8 KB)

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Good one. Koders…

Users must enable geolocation/GPS always on…

Good attempt, though plenty available you did in different approach


Hello, thank you for your feedback.
I don’t know how to activate the gps automatically.
I have only been practicing for a few months.

You have to ask user to enable it while open the app. Or you can alert them, if gps is disabled you cannot enjoy the service like that.

When the user opens the application, he sees and hears the message: “do not forget to activate your gps”.
Then the text disappears from the screen to make room.

You can use location sensor to check whether service is enable or not. If not you can set to enable automatically… (location sensor will present in default block section)

Pls refer

Sorry, because of the translator, I did not understand your answer correctly.
I checked “activated” the position sensor. But I can’t turn on the user’s gps if he doesn’t turn it on himself.

Try this Extension

I am looking for a way to activate the gps automatically, but this extension is already very good.
thank you so much

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