Sharing Files

Kindly follow these simple rules when sharing files in the community

  • Images and/or Videos
    :white_check_mark: Upload them to our server, or provide a direct link so Discourse will download it
    :x: It is forbidden any kind URL shortener when sharing these files

  • App Inventor Files (AIA, AIX and AIS)
    :white_check_mark: You can upload them to our server, Kodular Store or a direct download link
    :warning: If you are going to host it in your own website, use a clear download button without too many ads
    :warning: Try to not use URL shorteners, or use trustable ones as or
    :no_entry: No more than 1 URL shortener per file (this means that the maximum redirections allowed to get a file is one)

  • Other Files
    :white_check_mark: Use recognized file storage services, such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox, providing a direct link to them
    :no_entry: URL Shorteners are not allowed for this kind of files (as they could easily be scam)