Sharing from other apps to kodular

Hi, So when we share a PDF or picture or any other file from other App, we are shown with a share bar with the list of available apps. ( below is a picture of what I mean)

Is it possible to get your kodular app to show up here ? If yes , how ?

(And a side question, is it suggested to make 2 diff apps- one for users and one for admin, or is it better to have a single one with a login condition ?)

Please excuse if any of the questions were earlier asked :sweat_smile:

You can show your app here easily by using feeling available in many extensions such as:

  1. Custom web view by @vknow360 available in the community.
  2. You can use deeplink extension by deep host(not suggested, as he doesn’t support his extensions)

HI Thabks for your response. But I don’t get to understand as to how Web Viewer is related to this ?

As per my need, when I share a file from a phone’s gallery or any other app for that matter , I should directly be able to upload the file to a particular screen in my kodular app

Will anyways look at the web viewer to see if it’s useful


I didn’t said you to use we viewer any ways. I just said you that what you were asking for is possible with that extension. If your app doesn’t have anything to do with we viewer then use the second option. It should work.

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You can also check out this guide

Currently it supports only 4 types by enabling below options

Try This

component_event (3)

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However, is there any tutorial as to how the file which is shared can be exploited within the app…Sorry if am being too stupid :crazy_face:

component_event (3)
Use this block in screen blocks

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Ok, thanks a lot @pkalyan

Thanks to @Decoder_360 and @AJOY_DAS too!!!

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