Sharing Two Virtual Coins


I am trying to an educational app with offering rewards . with 2 tokens ( study token, premium study token)

Student study daily new chapters and earn study token.

This can be used to take participation in competitions inside app, lets call it as a fee.

10 users participated out of that 3 users won

1st rank gets Premium study token, and rest of them get normal study token…

How can i do this? I want this to be distrubuted automatically from the leaderboard

There are several approaches to get a thing done, it will be nice if you share what you did so far, for example how you setup leaderboard, etc

Create two colum in database like study_token, pro_token. First set all users study_token true, pro_token false.
Then if users is study_token then set your credential.
Then create leaderboard with limit 10. If the user rank is top. Then update database set pro_token true where the user rank is 1st and so on.

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Simple Store All 10 Users Points In The Label And Compare Which Is Greater Than All, When You Find Call Firebase To Store Data As Premium