Shifted list selection

On each list, I select: “3”. “38”, “6” and without the labels below it appears each time, my selection + 1.
I do not understand.
Thank you in advance,

It would be better if you post your blocks having English names


Here is,
I edited my post.
1000 excuses, I hadn’t thought of the language of the blocks.

Where is this parameter? (Selection)

Sorry, I don’t understand the question?

Which Component are you using?

I don’t have this block.


The “list” component


Sorry, I wanted to say :
list view

List View ?
Did You try ?

Great, it works !!!
Thank you so much!!!
But I don’t know what the purpose of what I had chosen was: “selectionindex list”

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Thanks to you for your help.
I take this opportunity to thank all the people who answer our questions.


The Selection Index block return the index of selected item.
For example, if your list view elements are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, … and if you select ‘1’ from this then the Selection index block will return ‘2’, because the selected element ‘1’ is on the second position in the list


Thank you very much for this explications

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