Shortening Texts Pulled from Firebase

I want to show the data I sent from Firebase, some of the text inside the list of images and text. I want to make a page that can be seen in its entirety when the list is clicked. I can pull data. But I could not crop the text. The last level I came to is to make the text from Firebase short, but when I go to the second page, it looks short. I will be glad if you help me.

I think I don’t clearly understand your question. You can make your question better to understand by following this guide…

But I think probably the global variables and start values will help you solve the problem.

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I searched and couldn’t find the answer to the question. I want to pull data from Firebase and show half of it on one page and the whole on the other page. As in news apps.

Get data from firebase. Use text blocks to get text length and then segment text


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Thank you so much :innocent::blossom:

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Is that what you say? I did but it didn’t work.

Maybe like this …?

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