Show content on Screen based on previous Screens

Basically what i’m trying to do is play different lotties on PAGE3 depending if i come from PAGE1 or PAGE2.

CloseSCREEN1 > OpenAnOtherScreen > OpenSCREEN3 > WhenSCREEN3Initialized > PlayLottie1
CloseSCREEN2 > OpenAnOtherScreen > OpenSCREEN3 > WhenSCREEN3Initialized > PlayLottie2

Is this possible?

I tried with When [SCREEN3] .Other Screen Closed but nothing. Is this a way? Is there an other way?

Sorry but this has nothing to do with what i’m asking. I’m not asking how to activate Lottie. I’m asking how to detect in Screen 3 that i came from a button click in Screen 1 and play Lottie 1 or how to detect that Screen 3 was opened after closing Screen 2 and play Lottie 2 instead. Thnx anyway

You can use this.

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@Lollipop This is great! Thnx so much.
Still curious though if i can make it with When [SCREEN3] .Other Screen Closed
Something like
when Other screen = Screen1 > Screen 3 initialized play Lottie 1
when Other screen = Screen2 > Screen 3 initialized play Lottie 2
But yet again i don’t understand very well the concept of When .Other Screen Closed

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