Show Interstitial ads randomly

I want to know how to show full screen ads randomly without a clock. I search community, but no answer.

Please elaborate.

From what I could understand, Math’s random blocks may help you.

No no, i want to show ads random time not fixed button click.

Hi, first change the category. And you should follow the guide given by AdMob

how and what to change

Koded apps > discuss

i dont know what you say

it automatically change

Well, are you looking for ads to show after a particular time?

no, random time not fixed

Yes you can do this dear, which method are you using to show ad

Okay for a random time you have to use the “pick random” from blocks…
but this is not the right way to shows interstitial ads, your account may get suspended

I use admob ad

what you say i not understand, why me suspend

Interstitial Ads  |  Androi

Read this

i dont know code so i use kodular kodular is no coding

You want to control on ads, I mean user will see your ad in rondom mode, otherwise ad will no display?

No no read the best practices

I dont want to control, how can i make it to show at any time