Show last received sms in my app

Hi i am new in softwere developing, i beed one function in my app in which when some one click one button in my app then he receive sms i want to show that sms in my app , and i have no idea how to do that,
Is it possible to do that with dome extention or blocks or any way?
Please help me if yiu can… thanks

You can achieve this with the texting component.

If you want to post your received SMS to the user’s screen with a dialog, here are the blocks for that.


If you need something else, you can always try modifying these blocks and post the received message using something else on another time.

Hope this helped.


@TurboProgramming thanks, looks like it will surely work​:relaxed::relaxed:

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Can you mark my answer as a solution so other people can find it easier?

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I decide to do that but i just want to try first and i am not on pc so i delayed that for next time …

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