Show my apps on Android TV launcher

hi, can i ask everyone:
i have installed the app on android TV, but the launcher doesn’t see my app, i have to go to “settings > apps” to see my app, so how to show my app on android tv launcher?

Welcome to Community! First of all check this…

& May be this is a Problem of SDK. Because all the SDK’s in Kodular are For Android Phone and Android Launchers. I am not sure about that.

Install this app, all side loaded apps will be accessible from this app

This is because your app from kodular is a third party app. Only apps installed from Google play are visible in the launcher directly. Use sideload launcher as @pkalyan said. I also use sideload launcher to test my apps.
And if you don’t want to install a third party app to view your app then you can go to:
Settings and then apps to navigate your app. As you already mentioned in topic.