Show Next Image with Airtable

Hello Koders,

How to show the next image when button click with Airtable?
Any tips please

Welcome to the community . What have you tried so far ? Show us your block in order to get help and since is your first visit in the community please read

First show us , how did you get image 1 from airtable to app then we wl guide u

I was just asking for a youtube video for example.
Such a simple trick difficult to find anyway

In response to your comment
I think that If my Companion could work I wouldn’t have to ask for this.
However, i love you kodular.

Thank you kodular for this Amazing Project that you are

Why don’t you search in youtube? This kodular community and we will help others by showing or suggesting best methods

A simple tricks difficult to find anyway

See this, it will give you a hint on how to create your blocks