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Dear All
I need to get Massage after send a data using web how can i do this if send done massage show as " Success "
If Not " try again "

Use Notifier component:


And block:


Learn more about notifier: Notifier docs

i know that thanks for your fast reply just what i need how can i know that im send data actully

If that web page is created by you, then add a event listener in it which fires on submission of data.
Under that Event Listener, fire console.log(48).

Then in Kodular blocks,


use this block to program the following:

when Webviewer.OnConsoleMessage:
if ( message == 48 ):
call notifier to show alert

can you say from where did you get the codes list

Which codes list ??

I ment from where did you get the code"48"

you can put any number there :joy:
i just took a random number