Show Progress In Extended Download

Hello, So As You Know that the @Atom_Developer ,s Extended Downloader Extension is good and easy to use, But inside it there is no option to show progress, so I thought to show progress by applying a little maths. So let’s Start

So there is a formula to find percent between two numbers, So i am going to use the same formula.

Step - 1

So First Of all you need to Start Download :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Step - 2

When file downoad status downloading then you need to make a global variable And then follow this ( You can skip “get file size” If you already have a file size )

Step - 3

And then you need to apply the maths formula using this method

Complete Blocks

Final Output

Please Send Your Feedback Also, And forgive me for my mistakes

Thanks You :heart: :heart: :heart:


Nice keep it up Br0ther.

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@ashishthakoor58 Thanks Buddy

Nice :+1: guide

@Maxtern Thanks

can u provide this working aia file I has issues with my aia file please share aia file here

please provide this extention link


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Only the developer of an extension can upload a direct link, if you wish to share an extension @The_Revenger_Studios next time post a link to the developer’s topic or site


hello , is this extension combined with dynamic component and make a list with download system… features like
Pause button
delete button
one time at least 4 downloading supported
I created a list with these features but
How to implement downloading system on it
Please help

Use this extension.

But how to implement in this list view dynamically to download in list