Show that user is online or offline

I can show that user is online but how to show that user is offline. :sweat_smile:I know I want to use clock components but :tired_face:how please explain with Blocks images.


Searching the community can help you get topics like below

Just go through the replies to these mentioned topics to get a basic idea
There may be more similar topics also. Just search :mag:

I’ve already searched but can’t understand then I post this.

To all the user or for admin only ???

How exactly “online”?
If you mean connected to the internet:

Yes, when connected to the internet

Then you should be able to use above component. Check out NetworkTest.aia (2.1 KB) demonstrating the component!

This not the solution I am finding,
I am saying that if 1st user opened app or connected to internet then in 2nd user mobile it shows online but when 1st user close the app or disconnect to the internet then it shows the time at which he was gone offline.

Make a timer and upload the current timestamp every few minutes or Seconds. If the user1 goes offline the timer stops and the other user2 can get the Timestamp from the Database and if the last Timestamp is older than a few Minutes the user1 is offline and the screen from user2 can show the old Timestamp.

I don’t understand that how can I use clock.when I want to stop clock

Then read

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Not at the moment, but you have only to make a Clock with 30 Seconds and make a Firebase Post (Current Time) and Get (Time from other User).

If the Get Time is older than 2min it shows offline.

No, I am talking about how can I use clock in this

When clock timer completes then what I can do

Show us what you tried so far.

What online database you use?

I am using airtable

I don’t use Airtable but you have to upload the „current time in milliseconds“ function from the Clock Component to the Airtable on every Clock fire.

Are you saying that after 30 seconds I have save value to offline

No every 30 Seconds you have to upload the current time from the User

Ok but how can I show user online