Show the tag that I found

how can i show it in tableview

I am unable to get you… Will more item will be quit common with tinydb tags??

and how can i show found tag in tableview

I’m looking for a header, but I need to show everything under this tag

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Please , Read :point_down:

Yes, of course, I’m looking for the title, but I need to show everything under this tag

hello, i’m very much to you for help how can i show all tags which are similar?

I do not know what is present either in your tinyydb tag or values. So if you share something it could be possible to suggest.

You can try for each items to the list block, as alternate

Initialise one global variable with any name(say x)

For each items in the list (get tinydb tags)
If contains text (get item) piece (label text
Add items to the list get global x
Items (get item)

Set label text to get global x

That global matching variable must be initialised with create empty list

tty.aia (28.5 KB)
here is my demo

like that

doesn’t work like that

someone can help me ?

Are you going to save search in tinyDB or not ? Do you want something like this ?

something like this, but I don’t want to save

tiny db will save the data locally first than it will show you the data on command.
later on you can delete or clear that data from tiny db.

tell me how if it’s not difficult for you

the way that showed me dora_paz is ok, but i don’t understand how i can implement it

This logic should work

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