Show the tag that I found

tiny db will save the data locally first than it will show you the data on command.
later on you can delete or clear that data from tiny db.

tell me how if it’s not difficult for you

the way that showed me dora_paz is ok, but i don’t understand how i can implement it

This logic should work

blocks (3) (1)

blocks (21)

please try with tiny db get tags

i need to show found records in table

tty.aia (28.5 KB)

this method shows me all the tags stored in the table

Try this

ttaaaa_3.aia (39.4 KB)

does not show in the table

I used latest aia where search was looking if item is in table allready. Otherwise modify blocks

thanks for your work, but I want the tables to display only what is found, if item1 is found, then show only them

Then as I said modify it to show what you want, now you have an idea how it works

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works, but how to display the second item2
or anything under this tag
found gsk-8
under this tag

If yes then show all

i need to show all found identical tags

found gsk-8
under this tag

shows only one

Too many answers to an ill-defined problem.

Read :point_down:

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