Showing a specific URL's links in external browser

@ImranTariq Don’t use the Math operator to compare results. Use either the Logic block or the Text compare.

Well Nathan, I will try your block structure also.

Well atleast the Notification part is DONE. BIG Thanks to Imran. “/” matters :grin: . When the user clicks “Yes” button the link opens in the external browser correctly. But when the user clicks Cancel the links open in the App. I want the links DO NOT open at all if user clicks the Cancel button.
Imran, Nathan or anybody , any IDEA?

SOLVED IT MATES. Thanks for your kind help. In time I will also contribute my bit of assistance. :blush:

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Was celebrating too early. Still “Cancel” Button is not killing the links and they are opening in the app. Please HELP!!!

One Update: If I use Follow Link = Disabled then all links including the Website Menu get unclickable. But I need the website header menu (only) links to get open in the app.

I guess there is a solution by Activity Starter but can’t find it.

Robert, I am counting on you. Hope you find it soon…

I have found this

Open the browser to a designated Web page

Use these ActivityStarter with the VIEW action and a Data Uri to open the phone’s browser to a designated web page, for example,
Action: android.intent.action.VIEW

Robert, I do not want the web browser to open designated page URL. I want the URL to open in the webview of the app. Once the URL open, then there will be a Notification with two Buttons. One notifying that the Links of the specific URL will open out of the App in an external Browser. Proceed? - “Yes” and “Cancel”. “Yes” will lead the user to open links in an external Browser ( this part is done already) and the “Cancel” button will make the links disabled. (this part is also done… mostly). But the matter is “Cancel” button is now disabling all the links of the URL including its Header Menu. So, the app becomes STUCK at that specific URL.What I want is the Links of the Body get disabled while the Header Menu remains linkable.
Till now what I have done is -

but for me its working , i have checked,

Imran, the block structure you provided worked Fantastically. But when I click the “Cancel” button the links of the URL are all opening in the app itself ( I do not want that). I need “Cancel” to make all the links of the Body to become INACTIVE while the Website Header Menu remains Active.

use when selection = cancel set webview, follow links false

Kindly provide the block structure.

or set this,


Yes Imran I have done this. Now the Links of the URL get disabled. All including the WEbsite Header Menu. I mean this menu -

I need to have this Header Menu (known as hamburger menu) of the mobile website clickable.

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this will disable any click on website, user must have to go back for enabling this, like in back button set, if web view 1 can go back then go back and also enable follow links there,

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Hmmm! seems to be the only workaround here. But please do me posted if you find any solution. And Thanks for your patience.

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i think the only solution is which i told,


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Thank you very much Imran for showing the way.

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