Showing all data from Airtable

I hope, if you have adjust the list view height, it may resolve

If you follow the above method , as said in the previous post, you won’t suffer now like this…

can you tell me how to solve … 2 and 3

i decreased those one but no change

If possible share your aia here or pm…

use this extension:

Sorry your question is how to order the fields, not the records.
You may get the records first, then get the field in the order you want by dictionary.

I told to increase the height… you are storing the value one by ine it seema. If so it needs more height to visible the 4th and 5th…

Instead of using split method use dictionary to take the each value one by one orderly as given in airtable… your 2nd 3rd prob will br over

AIRTABLE (1).aia (13.0 KB)

why dont you try this?

please can you help in the blocks section …

But as per your queries , point no 1 , 2 and 3 solved na…

Still anything is there ???

I don’t know how to add Dictionaries…

Do you want to help in this app further? In what kind we can help you??

how to add Dictionary in my app instead of SPLIT ??

Ref this topic, you will get an idea

Try this, split block was replaced

AIRTABLE2.aia (12.5 KB)

i will try…

thanks, …but notifiers are not working

When this occur ? I only tested with get data and works perfectly. I didn’t want to delete or update data because I didn’t mess your database

its fine …that is test data and all data are repeating like (1 2 3 4… again 1 2 3 4…) and notifiers are not closing for all buttons

AIRTABLE3.aia (13.9 KB)
Are you looking like this… I have removed message dialogue… Just try and tell me… I have used notifier alert alone…