Showing all data from Airtable

thanks, …but notifiers are not working

When this occur ? I only tested with get data and works perfectly. I didn’t want to delete or update data because I didn’t mess your database

its fine …that is test data and all data are repeating like (1 2 3 4… again 1 2 3 4…) and notifiers are not closing for all buttons

AIRTABLE3.aia (13.9 KB)
Are you looking like this… I have removed message dialogue… Just try and tell me… I have used notifier alert alone…

getting this error

yes, this is after updation… hold on… i am giving you the same style but without any error

not after update the values…when i open the app …error shows

yes , due to maths block is mismatched with text block… pls wait…

yeah, try now… as per your wish, you will see the message dialogue along with error free work flow

AIRTABLE3(1).aia (15.4 KB)

del this block from this procedure


also move this ref number at here


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Thank You … Can I add SEARCH option for LIST VIEW??

yes, i think you can use the default search option given in the list view

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ok … I will try and get back to you
ThankYou so much

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option search completed…

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is this possible to add a popup with…

FROM and TO (ex: 1 to 50)

download button (Download as pdf or any file)

FROM _____ TO _____                 

                     | DOWNLOAD |

You cannot download pdf from airtable, but possible from gdrive or cloudinary … but at a time 50 files are not possible

no no… i want to download data which shows in list view as pdf or any file…with select numbers like

from 1 to 50 or 20 to 30

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