Showing "Invalid firebase url specified" please help

I’m trying to control my ads through Firebase but when I’m exporting my app it shows “Invalid Firebase url specified”

Here are the blocks

URL issue may be … Recheck your firebase URL & token

Rules already set to “True”

Url and token is correct. I checked 100 times

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You are going to need to build a small test app,

The URL/Token/ and Project Bucket are all important. You can do all sorts of other things with the directories later, but if those three are not correct, you will not get a response.

Build a small app, with one button, and one label, that gets data from Firebase.


I will try

Sir i created test apk in that app it’s working perfectly. But i did same on my app but shows still error :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Something is clearly happing with your firebase URL.

So now what you do is set a label that shows the firebase URL, and token just before you send it.

That is a way to debug

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Sir i don’t understand can you please show me blocks

set label.text = join (firebaseURL) (firebaseToken) (firebaseBucket)

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Don’t know how it looks at your end, but check your designer and blocks so it does not contain spaces or so.


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if you put your url in the block section you get that error, i have the same problem. i get invalid url if i use the block to set the url, but if i set the url i the designer i have no troubles.

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I already added url in designer but still getting same error

Try to make a new Firebase Project than you get a new URL maybe that will work. Maybe there is a problem from Firebase and not form your app.

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Please follow this first. and im repeating again, do something like this to test.


also recheck your url and api key to make sure its correct.


Thank you brother for your help. God bless you :innocent::pray::angel:

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Most Welcome. :heart_eyes:

You too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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