Side Layout Problem Please help

my screen layout is working in kodular companion but when i install .apk file then my side layout is not working when i install and click on side layout then it was not working so pelase help me??

but this question is different @Peter

I guess you didn’t read the topic. You have to give enough info if you want help.

but i have writen in detail

Please add some screenshot of what is not working or what are your blocks?

You can see block and tell me what problem i am facing

Ohh so you are using sidebar!
Please a screenshot of output

If users ask for more info i guess you didn’t give it all. For instance your blocks. I removed the username from your first post. This is not allowed to get attention.

Ok but my problem is not solved
When i install the app in mobile so my sidebar is not working when i click on home or share so it will not go to another page . but when i open in kodular companion it works So i want to know that where is my problem??

Ok this is ur solution

blocks - 2020-12-26T174453.522

From next time you should use the if else

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