Side menu needs to be more obvious to new users

My side menu is working as expected but feedback from my testers show they don’t realize the side menu drawer even exists. Is there a way to show a drawer handle to show it is there? Something a little more intuitive?

Make Title Visible To Show There Is Side Menu

Why don’t you use a Button to show menu?

Show user a notification that they can slide the screen from left and get the menu bar

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I tried each and they can all function but not really what I want. The closest thing I see is a small clickable label angled at 270 degrees, but I am having trouble getting it to huge the left wall - same with a button. I would like it to be just visible to see but not offset the balance of the screen. I think I can cement it into position as not to scroll if the screen needs to scroll. I just don’t see how to get it tight against the wall, out of the way. maybe its a cell padding issue??? I will keep trying. Again thank you.

I made it with a tiny animation until user swiped in the menu and then the tiny animation disappears.
I needed 5 or 6 images of an 90 degree angle and a clock.
Write me if you need / want the blocks


Maybe better for your purpose is to call for a while after screen1.initialize and call sidemenu.close after 2 seconds. So every user knows there is a side menu and with a tiny.db tag set to false the menu does not appear by itself again.