Side Menu not updating header picture

Hello fellow koders,

I have a Side Menu component in my current app with a header picture but this picture doesn’t change when I change the image file.


  1. Say I’m displaying image A.png (duck) in the header;
  2. I keep the app open;
  3. Go to my device’s file manager
  4. Change the file referenced in the header (switch the names between 2 image files - A.png becomes B.png and vice versa. A.png is now a deer and B.png the original duck) and;
  5. Return to the app.

Even if I reference another image (C.png - tree) and then return to the old file name (A.png - deer), the image shown is the original (duck) from before the name switching (all this done in blocks).

If I restart the app, the image shown is corrected, though.

Mind you this happened both in companion and packaged app and I also tried clearing cache while the app was open but to no avail.

What could be happening here or what workaround I could try to mitigate this? Hope I made myself reasonably clear in the description.

Thanks in advance.

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What I do is sometimes clear cache or app data and try again, if that doesn’t work just rename the file.

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If you tested the app using kodular companion & install the app on the same device (phone). You’ll get the asset from previous assets uploaded using companion.

I suggest you to clear out the data from companion, or simply delete the image folder of “asset” in your gallery

Hope this helps

I don’t wanna cause Martial Law… But you did just take my solution :neutral_face:

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2 suggestions is always better than 1 :wink:

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Not really… I had two suggestions.