Sidebar does not work

Here is a small guide from Mika.

Did you search the community?

is not working

Show what you have tried?

I put the print up there in question

That is not how you should do it. Did you even read the links i send you?


Just a side note:
Since we have the new block “Remove Side Menu” you can add the side menu on screen initialize event BUT above the block you must add the “Remove Side menu” block, else the companion will crash.

actually sidebar menu button is not working … you have to slide from left … makeroid please fix i

Make sure the layout you use as side menu is visible.


hey bro if know hindi then watch this video your problem will solve easily :- YouTube

nope its not required, i use side menu without visible layout.

it is working now

then press like:grinning::grinning:

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I’ve already been able to make it work by changing the “menu initialize” to the “initialize” but I still do not understand the difference

Menu initialize:
Use this event to add new options to the options menu (3 dots).

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just dont hide the sidemenu section before exporting your apk. if you hide your horizontal or vertical arrangement then it wont work.

Thank you,It Worked.

sidebar Size is fixed

This is not a question.