Sidebar V2 extension (from Andres Cotes) questions

Hello, I’m using the paid Sidebar extension (V2) from Andres Cotes and I’m still wondering some questions.
Maybe some users have the answers (I’ve contacted Andres without any reply, read all I could found about this topic).

1 - What is AvatarSource parameter for ?
2 - What is ImageSource parameter for ?
3 - What is IsShow call for and how to use it ?
4 - How to add a separator in the menu ?
I have created the first items of the sidemenu with Start block then addSeparator. I continued by adding the last items with AddListElement, but the behavior is that I can select an item from first item list (before the separator) and also one on the list after the separator (see attachment).

5 - How to initially select an item ? (First item selected while launching the app

Here is the list of V2 blocks

Here are my block for Sidebar settings

Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:

Why to use extension?

You can create any custom side menu according to your needs in Kodular using side menu component.


The extension provides more features :neutral_face:

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We have in the screen block a block to make a side menu form a layout.So it’s more customizable of course.because a layout can contain any thing.

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I meant that sidebar extension seems to be more customizable, you can add a separator for exemple.
How can you add a separator with basic Side menu layout ?

Nice extension. Keep working :+1: :+1:.

I didn’t mean side menu layout.I meant the screen side menu.And you can add a separator with a label.

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I used that extension. It is very good. At the time Kodular did not have a sidemenu so this extension was perfect. Now Kodular has a built-in option to create a side menu as customizable as you want.

You simply create the design of how you want it to look in a Horizontal Arrangement.

Then you tell it that you want that to be the menu.

Simply in the screen initialization you have to indicate the Arrangement is the one that contains the sidemenu.


Automatically in the title bar is added the menu button, to open and close it. It also opens if you slide to the right.
If you want to control the opening and closing of the sidemenu you can use these buttons:


Thanks a lot for your reply.
This solution means you have to use basic title bar, right ? You can’t use a custom title bar…

no.You can use with a custom title bar.Just the default side menu icon won’t will need to create a custom one.


Thanks a lot @Mohamed_Tamer !
It’s working fine by setting the correct layout to Screen’s sidemenu block the just calling Screen.Side Menu Open/Close
I will now be able to customize as I want my layout !
Thanks a lot :pray:t2: :smiley:

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