Sign in with Google with Firebase Auth Component

The Doc part for "Sign in with Google " provided by Kodular is not complete . You need SHA1 key must.

Steps for Sign in with Google

Google Login

To enable Google Login for Firebase Authentication you need to do a few more steps.

  1. Go to the Authenticaiton Section in the Firebase Console and click on the Google Login ![Firebase Auth Google]
  2. Set the “Enable” switch to enabled

After that you need to add your SHA1 key to you app in Firebase.

Step 2
You need a software to get the SHA1 key from your app’s key store file

After that install KeyStore Explorer Software and upload your key store file in it.

After that you will ask for a password Type "android" as your keystore file password

Now copy that SHA1 key from here.

Watch full Tutorial in Hindi:

Download Sample APK:

Download Keystore Explorer Software:


Great, I will try to change the login method of my app.

Showing build error.I am sharing screenshot here

what if i want my user to signup with google and sign in for the first time with google and afterwords application automatically get user sign in from next time onward please help me

Take a if else condition in screen initialize use is sign in block with that if else condition if its return true open another screen screen name

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everything works except the logOut;
it works if I log in with firebase authentication but it does not work if I log in with google. How can I log out if I want to change my account?
Thanks if anyone can help me

Can you share a screenshot?

ok, actually after several tests I realized that Firebase_Authentication.logout also works with Firebase_Authentication.Google SignIn; the only problem is that when I run the LogIn again I no longer have the possibility to choose which account to insert, I access directly to the one already memorized. The only way to get it, (in addition to uninstalling and reinstalling the app), is to clear the cache and delete the app data. To get this I found a component that clears the cache, but unfortunately alone is not enough, I need the way to simulate “delete app data” … I have already tried to run “TinyDb. Clear all”, but anything …

You need to clear app data from settings>app settings > choose that app & clear data

yes I know … is that I wanted to make it easier for users of the app, combining data cleaning to log out, to give him the ability to change accounts without having to go in the settings of the app to clean the data. …

I have the same problem…
What’s the use of having a logout function if you can’t change your account?

Thats true i have the same problem, after one time log in, you can only use this account at the next time if you login. You have no account to choose. Google Sign in take automatically your account from the first time.

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but the firebase database does not work when set to auth! please help

you can use for now mirxtrem extension - Firebase Authentication 3.0
its free you can download aix from here:

and then you will be able to read/write with “Auth” in rules (after login/signup)