Sign in works, sign up fails

I have searched the community and not found this problem. In my app a returning user can sign in with no problem (as long as their info on file in my Firebase account), but if someone attempts to sign-up a “sign up failed” error is returned, with no additional information. I have not set up email verification, so according to the Firebase website it should accept any sign up email as long as it is in an email format, and the user should be able to create their own password. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

@Michael_Lee_Corley Have you Updated your Json file again this could be due to Json outdated

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it didn’t work, now when I try to sign up it does not respond at all, not even the error message. Sign in still works fine. When the app is installed for the first time I have numerous images and files downloaded from Firebase Storage and Database into folders created especially for each user. I have noticed on my test phone (version 8.1.0) when I delete files between test they do not actually permanently delete. On my next test they reappear, even though the app is logged in as a different user and not downloaded the same files. I have tried 3 different file “scrubber” apps to remove them, but none have worked. I have tried Phone Cleaner, Shredoid and Secure Erase. I think these two issues may be related, because the app may be assuming I am a previously installed user and it will not let me sign up again. I have an older tablet (version 4.1), but my app won’t run on it because It uses the barcode scanner that requires an auto focus camera. I will obtain a fresh phone and try again. Finally, if anyone has had success with permanently deleting old files for testing I would like to know. Below are a copy of my blocks. As always and and all help is greatly appreciated.

@Michael_Lee_Corley Please try to make different button each for sign up and login ok

And also @Michael_Lee_Corley if anyone signups then he/she needs to verify their email then only signup will be successful thanks

And see this video to correct the signup procedure

Thanks I will give these suggestions a try and let you know

I reset my test phone to factory settings AND created a separate button for sign up and now it works. If anyone has the same problem they should try your suggestion first. Thanks for the help.

@Michael_Lee_Corley I am happy that you got solution thanks if you get any problem in future then just make a topic in community :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smile: :smile: :smile:

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