Simple app not working after apk export

Hello, I’m building an extremely simple app for testing and getting familiar with kodular.
The only purpose of the app is showing an emoticon that will react to some sensor input, the app works perfectly while testing on the companion app but after exporting it as APK and installing on my phone it doesn’t work anymore, the app is not showing the images anymore.

I’m not able to understand why this occours so I’m trying to ask for help, thank you :heart:

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did you upload the images into the assets?
you probably want to provide a screenshot of Assets Manager screen?



Ups you made me think about the assets manager and the problem tourned out to be that I didn’t respect the upper case of the png files on the blocks. Since it was working on the companion I didn’t think that the problem was about the case sensitive,. Sorry for my question and thank you! :face_with_head_bandage:

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