Simple design using dynamic extension

yaa i design a dynamic extension for small business buy and sell and auto new category open

Add a picture of all the blocks

Write instructions to use your extension

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Can you explain more what your extension does? what are the blocks? How is this different from dynamic components extension? is it paid or free?

If this is your extension then without selecting an item how text box accepts digits??

Also add any words regarding your post… Only video is won’t be helpful. And the category is #discuss , so you need help from us?

Hi friends, sure i will share and discuss about it, actually its very simple thing

I am still not getting what are you trying to share would to mind to explain in words? and why did you make topic title as dynamic extension.

That extension does not looks like yours as the blocks exactly match -

So basically you did not make a extension but just made use of it? so i dont get it what are you trying to show us here?

I edited you title, in order to reflect somehow what you want to show to community