Simple Dynamic image slider with animation using free extensions

can you please tell me how ?


Not now but give a try
use clock component and horizontal scroll arrangement and
after every clock timer use scroll by “xyz” pixel…(there is block for that)

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Nice idea and application

No doubt your work is best. But since Deep host is not active in the community and no support is provided for his extension, can you think any alternate of ViewPagerAnimation extension? Nevertheless appreciate your hardwork :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, @Vaibhav
thank you for your kind words. The extension is bug free for now and available without any licence system which sometimes fails, so you’re safe to use it. But yeah if you want than feel free to replace with kodular’s viewpager component. It will work the same way, just no animation.


We can add animation using phase by @Shreyash to avoid Deephost Extensions.

I have done it in one of my project.

this slide show is possible with airtable please help provide blocks thank you


I want to make it for more than one image so how can I make it. Help me please

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i will agree with you

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just show the images after getting data from airtable. replace the list of images with your airtable data for that.

it is surely possible since it is completely dynamic. check dm.

Nice :grinning:, Can you upload the extension “dotsview” and “dynamic components”

Link is available in first Post.

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Thank you !

Hi, great job, How do I get the animation extension: “View Pager Animation”. Thanks a lot

See this :point_down:

Alternative :point_down:

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Really Good work and nice extension…

Keep it up… :+1::+1::pray:

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Hello @David,
I have tried your Dynamic Slider. I used Colin tree’s async image loader Extension to load online images. It works but I couldn’t fit the image to whole cardview. Please give me a solution to fit the image.

Find the attachment below

Hi @David,
Thanks for this guide. I used it and it’s really awesome.
Here in your guide, you have created one cardview with Dynamic Component extension in vertical arrangement and created in horizontal arrangement. I am trying to change background color of this horizontal arrangement but everytime it gives only white background color and I have tried with KIO4 Gradient extension but this also not work.

You can please help me in changing background color.

i’ll update it and try to use phase instead of deephost extension :innocent:

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How could I put a different image in the second position of the slider? I changed the foreach and put “from 1 to 1 by 1” … and then I put another foreach below the previous one “from 2 to 2 by 2” and changed the image that should appear.
This way worked for me but how should I do it? Thank you! is very good!!

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