Simple Mathematics

I work on the application fee and I want to add a wonderful feature

What I want is an block

In short it will enter 3 values

1- The first point (x, y)
2.The second point (x, y)
3- Distance between points

He will give me a list
Points between the first and second points
These points will be the difference between each of them is the value 3

It’s not clear what you want. And I think you don’t need an extension for that, it’s just a calculation.
I can give you the distance in pixels between two points with this:

Source Distance between points - Math Open Reference

The list of pixels in between two points can be obtained by using 2 FOR loops, one for the x and another for the y increments until the point is reached. Is not going to be fast if the distance is long, so if it’s made in an extension, it would be better, but is not impossible to make with blocks.

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I want a list of coordinates of points

You can print overall distance using this blocks.

You can’t print the list of coordinates of points at distance 3 because the coordinates increase in both x-component and y-component.

But I have another idea. You can calculate the equation of the straight line and check individually for each coordinate. But you know there are millions of coordinates. Therefore its not possible.

Hope this will help you.

Uhm… Your post says basically the same thing I said. Try to add information to the discussions, not repeat what others say just to count more comments towards your badges. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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You are wrong sir. If you check the edition I did, I just added the source from where I got the math I posted there. Again, you are wrong.