Simulated data connection in companion

I just had an idea. I was testing a timeout function (I’m keeping it hidden while I load a page and if the page doesn’t load in 10 seconds I stop the load and indicate that it’s unavailable) that I’m building into my WebViewer component and thought it might be nice to have a way for the companion to simulate no data connection. I keep disconnecting my companion when I turn off my data, it would be nice if I could keep the connection and just tell the companion that the data is off.

The only way that comes to my mind to do this is by connecting to Companion via USB :thinking::sweat_smile:

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Not sure even if it works that way as companion is live reflection only, i guess ‘compiling app and trying after installation might be the only working option’ upto my best knowledge… But it would be great if there is any way to do it live while developing/testing app in realtime… … Not sure even if it will be there in future too… :grin:

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Yea, I connect via Wi-Fi. It’s just a thuoght. If there was a way to simulate data connection loss in the companion without having to actually turn off data and lose the connection to Kodular.

AFAIK the USB companion isn’t working in my side, with everything installed.


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Yea, that’s what I’ve been doing regularly anyway. I have a few screens and switching between them (especially some that are dynamically created) takes FOREVER in the companion.

#off-topic ‘Patience’ is the only key which helps while switching screens in companion :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: