Size of Marker in regular maps

i cant change size of marker in regular maps, they only use size of original graphic file in pixels, and when i need do marker bigger i must add another bigger size file (height and width) an this works only like that

and Now: look on marker in thr middle of the screen

changes in designer or blocks screen nothing matters
if this “map” part not will work in the future tell me about it, i will try to use google map component

You can change size of marker with extension “costum marker” with google map component.
Size and color depend file you put in asset.

For the link, i dont know to post that link. You can search costum marker.

thank you Sayid, but your answer works only for google map, not regular map. as i remember when i tryed to use google map on new device i cant use my apk before i pre install google map componert on android system. whatever thank you for your help.

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