Sizing Problem on Different Resolutions

I have been making an app and i send a beta version to my friend to test it out. My version seems to be working fine and in correct ratio but my friend seems to have a problem. The entire app seems congested when used in a 720p resolution. My device is 1080p and my friend has a 720p. The issue seems to be occurring on different resolutions. I have my sizing set to responsive.

App on my device :

App on my Friends device

Fortnite_Companion (3).apk (7.2 MB)

What seems to happening here

Out of curiosity what happens when you turn to landscape on both devices.

  • Maybe it is because of the font? Try to install your same font in your friend’s phone.
  • Are you using percentages (%) instead of pixels (px) for sizing?

Its set to Portrait Only.

Both are the same Apk and same version using the same font but it’s glitched in my friend’s device

I am using pixels and i didn’t use % because its a bit hard compared to px

If someone else can test out the app it would be great. I have attached it the post.

You should use % for dimensions (or programmatically recalculate the size expressed in pixels as percentages) because the dimensions expressed in pixels may appear completely different in devices with a different pixel density than the one where you created the application.

For fonts, take a look here:

However, this is not enough as different devices can have different default font size. Check this link for a possible solution:


Okay I’ll take a look but about the font. It’s not just size. I am using a custom font but in my friend’s device it appears like a normal font.

Okay, I understand. Then I really can’t help you on this problem :confused: The font is normally shown on all real devices where I tried your apk (from an Amazon Fire 5 gen. to a Samsung Note 8) and on many devices emulated with Geanymotion.

So when you tried it worked well? If it did it maybe a problem with my friends device.



Thanks For the Help :ok_hand: :+1:

It is working fine in my device.

Thanks For Testing the App out. Really Appreciate it !

i have same problem, on my device (where i also use to live test) is working perfectly but on my friend devices the text is not displaying properly( like only half of the length are displayed). i just set the font size to 15% and bold. i also tried using @Taifun system extension but didn’t work. @Kodular please look into this.

my device is Xiaomi redmi 6 pro 1080x2280 px

and tested on mi note 4 1080x1920 px

Try this one FontSize.apk (4.1 MB) and try to change size of the font in device settings and zoom as well.

Report back what you get for results.

Should look like this on all phones regardless what you change in device settings.


Thanks @Boban, your apk works perfectly on me. Can you elaborate how to make the texts more responsive on different devices? My work always goes worst only with this issue.

It’s hard to explain but I can only say that I rarely use percentage to scale my components, since I know if I put 120px with some calculation how it will look on other devices.

a magic number 360 that I use.


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Which calculation do you use?
The problem is… AI uses no calculation for the font size.

Means we have to add it.

@Mika please explain me how to create responsive text. I’m very disappointed coz my app looks great only on my phone :pray:

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I believe it does however that’s something we don’t see, since font are in sp and uses same calculation as for dp but with an exception for sp which has Scale-independent Pixels.

Designer fontsize 14 --> Scale-independent Pixels 0.85 = Small, 1 = Standard, 1.15 = Large, 1.3 = Very
Tablet fontsize 14sp x density 1 = Small 11.9, Standard 14, Large 16.1, Very 18.2
Mobile fontsize 14sp x density 2 = Small 23.8, Standard 28, Large 32.2, Very 36.4
Mobile fontsize 14sp x density 3 = Small 35.7, Standard 42, Large 48.3, Very 54.6


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Yeah but as I said before I can tell you for sure that AI and we too did not use any calculations :sweat_smile:

We have to add a calculation.
Thats why I asked you which we should add.

The “Set” Font size uses just the value which you choose.
Only the “Get” font size uses a calculation.

Iam sure we need to add a calculation to the “Set” too.

This is what we (and AI) current use:
android - How to assign text size in sp value using java code - Stack Overflow