Slider and time issue problem with music player

Getting 3 issues with the music player -

  1. the time is not correct it just 2sec sometime 3sec
  2. Slider not working properly multiply the time
  3. rewind and forward is also not working.

Test Video -

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_5

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@bodymindpower This is your expertise, any advice?


I am still waiting for a solution for almost one year.
See here: Daily Challenge #81.

Try this simple App:
playSoundForBackward_Kodular.apk (5.6 MB)

Is that something you are looking for?
See also here.

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Okay if there is no complete solution for rewind, forward. Can you please provide me AIA file of the Apk you mentioned here @bodymindpower. And will this work with airtable and with very long audio files like of 1 hour ?

What are you missing from my app?
Doesn’t fast-forward and rewind work as expected?

If you don’t find any solution then use extension for play audio. I also don’t know how to do this :thinking:

And again:


I also cannot find any hint how to make this slider. Ok, maybe it is easy, but you only provide an .apk and with this we cannot recognize the way to solution.

Your sample is perfect.

That was my question.

See here:


As you can see there is 2 option to rewind and forward the music.

  1. The slider
  2. 10sec rewind 10sec forward.

i was expecting that, Is that possible to get both options ? Genius @bodymindpower

And sorry i misunderstood (that was your question). Your still finding the perfect solution.

I think this guide will solve your problem:
Also, I recommend using TFormat extension by @bodymindpower .
and From mine experience, I always use the short time interval to record current position and convert it into Time.
Instead of Player Component, Its better to use Taifun Player .

No, the TaifunPlayer extension is only necessary if music / sounds have to be looped. (And then use OGG format, because MP3 is not loop-able.)

… gaplessly

I did a player with slider and i have no problem to use slider in order to change playing position. i just use a variable:

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can you provide aia of this sample block please

To slider to work use percentage formula.

current duration/duration X 100

And set slider max value as 100