Slider help need

I want to show thumb position to a label while “moving the thumb” (I mean when we touch and moving the thumb) otherwise the label should be blank?
What block arrangement to build? Can anybody help?

You can do it with the Touch Up and the Touch Down blocks of the Slider. First, show what you tried so far and show blocks.

And you will need the Position Changed block too.


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blocks (13)

Use these blocks. :slight_smile:

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There’s no need.

Edit: It is needed!

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You should read his suggestions first.

So he will have to use the

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Hmmm… It can also be done in when thumb position changed. But touch up and down can also show label when you’re touching but not moving.

When the slider will set to 0, the label will show 0 or he can set it to blank. :wink:

blocks (14)

Like this.

No, because u also need to show when touching, not only moving

Do like this:
blocks 1 blocks 2 blocks 3

If worked pls mark @Yoshi post as solution

i think all you guys didn’t understand his question… here’s how I understood and think is the solution…

this should work too:
blocks (26)

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What do you mean? I have already said

I tested it then I posted my blocks here.
P.S: I always post my blocks after test it on my device.:slightly_smiling_face::v:

From the when slider touch down, if you don’t move it will stay in black label.
So when Slider1.Touch Down, `do set label.text to thumb position

However this is not what the author wants.

Nvm, it’s great to help others too :hugs:

Indeed! It feels good.

Hi @_GraceFX
Have you got your solution?

Oh yes… untested is like this…

Now close this topic.

Why? Maybe he just hadn’t his time to reply? Or am I misunderstanding? :thinking:

The author still haven’t reply tho