Slider thumb position

In screen1 (design mode) the slider initial thumb position is set to 50. After starting the app I changed its position to 35. There is a button event to restart the screen1. When restart the screen the thumb position goes back to 50.
How can maintain the thumb position as 35 itself when restart the screen1. Please help…

Either this way

or this way
blocks (49)

Also how are you restarting the screen? show the blocks…

When the app starts the thumb position should be at 50. But when screen restart thumb position should have the value where it was before restart screen (it shall be 1 to 100). I mentioned 35 as an example.

Hw are you restarting?

with Button click

I know, but which blocks are you using?

blocks (1)

Ok, this is what I needed. Then, use this:

It should work…

If you want to get previous postion then use when thumb position changed store it in tinydb.
And on screen initialize in use it.

Use open screen with start value -> thumb position, then set thumb position to get start value.

Or, if you want it to be at default 50 at the first opening, use this one according to your tdb blocks:
blocks (50)

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@_GraceFX Now you have three solutions, select the one you think is the best :sweat_smile:

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Yes it is up to him. If there’s no need to store the value, then just simply use open screen with start value :slight_smile:

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Well, I think he is using the TDB in his blocks…?

but he has never said so, has he?

Look at his blocks… he has TDB there and I think he uses it too.

Yes I have TDB…

Let me arrange the blocks and let you know…

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Thank you all…
by your help; I re-arranged the blocks and it works as I wish.
(other components/blocks are excluded)

As I am new to kodular, you can expect more questions from me like this… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Glad we could help. Please mark the appropriate answer as solution.

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